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Did I mention we now have a Shiba Inu named Miso?  Princess Miso... 

Did I mention we now have a Shiba Inu named Miso?  Princess Miso Soup to be exact. She just turned 11 months old!  I for one think she’s the cutest dog in the world… and she LOVES everyone, including all other animals.  There is no way I can get any work done when there is this kind of cuteness around me!   She has her own Instagram account, of course. ;)  But be warned, the adorableness is lethal!

Things are so quiet here lately.I’ve been hugely busy.  It’s a... 

Things are so quiet here lately.

I’ve been hugely busy.  It’s a good thing.  Actually, it is a great thing.  I never in a million years imagined my artwork would be in such demand.  It is a rare and humbling thing to be able to make a living wage being an artist.

The downside is that all these things I used to be able to keep up with i.e. social media, have suffered.  But a lot of the folks I specifically kept my Tumblr around in order to watch have all but disappeared.  I miss reading those ‘voices’.  I’m sure you all know who you are.  You are some of the rare people I actually interacted with on here! :)

I post a lot of updates on my Facebook fan page, actually….  and I’m dozens of pieces of art behind on sharing any of my new work.  This year is already set to be a record breaker for me.  I am so amazed and happy!

So, if anybody still reads this… thank you for sticking around.  I actually love Tumblr’s format.  I hope it doesn’t fade away.

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